Vianna Stibal – Dig Deeper Practitioner – Dubai 2015

Vianna Stibal - Dig Deeper Practitioner - Dubai 2015

Vianna Stibal is a very well known teacher who is famous across the globe for her profound reasoning and system of treatment which is generally known as Theta healing system. She is a brave lady who was victimized by cancer, but with her strong will power and courage she managed to defeat this deadly disease. She had a history of a long tumor in her body. She found that feelings and confidence have a deep influence on your mind. She further added to a process to discover how we trust, what makes us accept, how we develop and create issues and illness in our lives, how can we manage to alter them, and how to understand the real tactics of the creator, and make the truth we look for.

Her system takes the brain to a thoughtful mind theta state hurriedly. By making use of this state, she successfully guides her students and followers to restore their association with Creator, make a relationship strong with a creator. Through this connection, she guides everyone how to persuade physical, intellectual and passionate changes. She shows that we are flashes of God and shows how we each make our own existence and how everything in our life has and will fill a need. Vianna stibal tells you the ways how to differentiate those reasons, comprehend yourself and create the truth you need.

She discovered that Theta Healing procedure is really helpful. Later she discovered that it should be taught to the people especially those who have gradually lost t their hopes. She conducts her courses in different parts of the world so as to show the people of all races, assurances and religions. She has grown up her own organization and has prepared the instructors and specialists who are working in more than 30 countries with high number of professionals. As per report, the practitioners are more than 300, 00 in number and they are busy in serving the humanity.

Vianna Stibal is dedicated to sharing her warmth for all persons and for The Creator of All That Is through trainings, books, and helping other people. She reveals this esteem by giving all her own free of cost instructions.

Her Event in Dubai 2015- 2016 is going to take place soon and has captured all the limelight already. A huge turnover is expected. It is one of the mega events taking place in Dubai.

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