UAE Martyrs Weekend

UAE Martyrs Weekend

UAE Martyrs Weekend

United Arab Emirates which is commonly called as Emirates and UAE is a country that is situated in the south east end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. It is bordered by Oman to the east and Saudia Arabia to the south. It also shares sea borders with Qatar and Iran. It’s a country of federation of seven emirates i-e Abu Dhabi (which serves as the capital), AjmanDubaiFujairahRas al-KhaimahSharjah, and Umm al-Quwain.Monarch governs every emirate. President of the United Arab Emirates are selected by one of the monarch. Language used in UAE is Arabic but English is used widely in the region.

Oil Reserves in UAE

UAE is considered as the seventh largest oil reserves of the world while natural gas reserves are the seventeenth largest reserves of UAE. Sheikh Zayed was appointed as the first President of UAE.

Weekends of UAE

Everyone wishes to have long weekend and think of it to have some fun, rest give time to family and lots of things to do at home during holidays so here we have long lasting weekend of 5 days in which everyone gets relax and enjoy long weekend at homes.

As we have entered last quarter of this year so it will be notified that we will be able to have long weekends this year including one long last weekend. First one is October 15 i-e Hijri Weekend which is Islamic New Year. Besides this December consists of last long weekend which is UAE Martyr’s Day or National Day that give six day off from November 30 to December 6. Basically UAE National day consists of 2-3 December, as its on Wednesday and Thursday so it’s a hope to get Tuesday off due to appreciation given for hard work throughout the year. We enjoy such long weekend and those days will be given name as Mini Holidays. It is confirmed by UAE federal Authority for government human resources that all ministries and federal institutions in UAE will remain closed from December 1 till December 5 for this day called as mini holidays. It has been guided by last week guide that these days will be off. These holidays are announced in order to realize the sacrifices and devotion of the Emirati martyrs who gave their lives in the region of civil, military and humanitarian service.

Martyrs day is announced as a national occasion and an official holiday in UAE. During this holiday lots of events are arranged with the participation of government institutions in order to recall the devotion shown by emirati heroes who gave their lives in field of battle and the services where they were needed.

These martyrs are given importance and tribute and named them a ROLE MODEL, as they gave sacrifices and set an example for Emirati Youth. These sacrifices are the example for other emirati in order to tag along the legacy they have made for the sake of sovereignty and independence. These are to be protected as national and cultural gains of the region and rules of justice and peace.

These martyrs are always alive not in our hearts but in our souls as well as they have given a huge sacrifices and set samples for us. This is honor and respect for us as their sacrifices, devotion and memories are celebrated in our psyche. Their good behavior are revealing information for us as well as the values of loyalty and patriotism in order to have no dignity left in their lives and nations.

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