Transforming Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Ras Al Khaimah

Transforming Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Ras Al Khaimah

Transforming Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Ras Al Khaimah

Cancer is the serious problem that is being illustrated as the major problem spreading among women. Keeping in view about this serious problem Ras Al Khaimah is establishing best practice in treatment and care of breast cancer patients. It is taking steps to aware people about this serious disease. It is practicing for new standards that can be designed to aware people in cancer care.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is the most widely disease that is found in females. The symptoms for this is different ie from lumps and swelling to skin changes. It is found that there can be no obvious symptoms for breast cancer. The symptoms can be an infection and a cyst, which is non cancerous.

Breast Cancer Self Examination:

There must be proper monthly health care and Breast self exam must be examined. You must visit doctor in order you find any changes like cyst or infection.If your age is 40 or above you must have a mammogram examination. If breast cancer is identified earlier then you must be at the rate of chances that you beat illness in a better way.

Breast Cancer  Tests

Once disease is diagnosed then it will go through several steps and these tests can take a week or more.

Breast Cancer is the most commonly treated cancer, and it’s the major cause of death in women. If this case is taken into consideration then it is noticed that the new cases that transpire in the developing world is cancer.5% per year of population age is now suffered from breast cancer in low middle and income countries. Reason behind increased risk of cancer is due to unhealthy adoption of lifestyle.

Services for Breast Cancer Treatment

Major deaths are recorded in developing countries due to this dangerous illness. Treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer services is adequate. This disease is diagnosed when it is in its large stage. Developing countries do not know that what is realistic and they don’t have any experience about this. Due to this they are planning to launch a project in order to raise awareness and make people strong about this disease.

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