Top 10 Secret Event in Dubai

Top 10 Secret Event in Dubai

Dubai is not all about five star hotels and air conditioned cars. Dubai has many secret magnificent places to view also, you can enjoy a calm evening or a holiday at these beautiful places. These places also offer extraordinary views for ‘selfies’ and group photos. We have selected ten such lively places that Dubai has in our top ten secret events in Dubai. Let us begin with the first such beautiful place:

Lisaili Camel Market

Lisaili Camel Market top 10 secret event in dubai Top 10 Secret Event in Dubai Lisaili Camel Market

Lisaili Camel Market

Just outside Dubai, there is a small town focused on camels, it has a camel market where you can buy camels, you can also chose to ride on these desert friendly creatures. Lisaili Camel Market also features many items made of camel skin and camel wool that you can use as decoration pieces, etc.

Al Bastakiya Area

Al Bastakiya Area top 10 secret event in dubai Top 10 Secret Event in Dubai Al Bastakiya Area

Al Bastakiya Area

Al Bastakiya is the old part of Dubai, It contains many traditional houses with wind towers and narrow streets, some of the houses in Al Bastakiya are more than one hundred years old and the Al Bastakiya area is home to Al Faahidi Fort which is considered to be the oldest building present in Dubai. Al Bastakiya is now a days a protected site preserved by the Dubai government as a symbol of Dubai’s past architectural grandeur.

Dubai Creek

dubai creek events top 10 secret event in dubai Top 10 Secret Event in Dubai Dubai Creek

dubai creek events

Dubai Creek is also a nice place for tourists to view the classical beauty of Dubai city. Dubai Creek is located near Al Bastakiya, so it is considered as an old part of Dubai. Dubai Creek is divided into two parts, the Deira side and Bur Dubai side. You can reach the other side of the Creek in an Abra (boat) that will cost you just a few Dirhams. Dubai Creek is also home to many classical shops that deal in beautiful Pashminas and spices of all types.

Al Quoz

Al Quoz is basically an industrial area on the outskirts of Dubai city, but over time it has turned into a huge market for all sorts of things, from irons bars to custom made wood furniture, everything can be had in Al Quoz. Al Quoz is also home to a few of the best horse stables in the world, you can have a beautiful horse bought for yourself at any one of the Al Quoz’s horse stables. Al Quoz also features many high rated art galleries where you can buy original art works of many highly talented artists at a reasonable price.

Wadi Bih

Wadi Bih (read as Waddy Bee) is a natural beauty spot in Ras Al Khaimah that looks like a canyon. Wadi Bih is popular among tourists and residents of Dubai who want to try their hands out at nature. Climbers, off road drivers, camping enthusiasts are found in great numbers at Wadi Bih. You are advised to visit Wadi Bih in a 4×4 as ordinary cars may get stuck. Wadi Bih’s natural beauty is enhanced whenever there is a rain or cloudy weather is expected over Ras Al Khaimah.

Hatta Pools

Hatta pools area is located at a distance of one hundred and fifteen kilometers from Dubai near Hajjar Mountains. Hatta pools have a pleasantly cooler weather therefore it is an excellent place for picnics, etc.

Al Sahra Desert Resort

You can ride on camels for hours when at Al Sahra Desert Resort, if you enjoy to have fun and adventure with this desert friendly creature, then you should tour this amazing place.

Dragon Mart

Made in China on a grand scale, yes that is what Dragon Mart is all about. Dragon Mart is believed to be the largest Chinese goods store outside the Chinese mainland. You can find anything that is made in China here at a low price and in huge quantity.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Centre (RAWKS)

RAWKS is a migratory bird sanctuary, you can find many kinds of birds flying in this naturally preserved wetland known as RAWKS. You can also fish in the waters around RAWKS for a magnificent outdoor adventure just outside Dubai. You can view many rare bird species when at RAWKS.

Dubai Astronomy Group

Dubai Astronomy Group consists of astrology enthusiasts of Dubai city, the amateur astronomers of Dubai meet at night at a predetermined place for having a star watching session, and Dubai Astronomy Group began its activities in the year 1993. Now a days Dubai Astronomy Group also have their own observatory in place.

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