Sharjah Halal Forefront

Sharjah Halal Forefront

Sharjah Halal Forefront

Three day event for halal food is being held in Middle East that will start from 8th December and last at 10th December 2015 at Sharjah Expo Center in Sharjah, UAE. Products like food & beverage, meat,poultry and sea food industries etc are being show cased in the event.

Event Products

Event basically consists of milk and milk products, flour products, halal meat, canned food products. Fresh fruits and veggies, chicken foods are also the part of event. Affair will be consisting of dry fruits, ready to eat and cook, jam and marmalade, frozen foods, sweets and chocolates, Snacks and candies, Ice creams, Bakery products, Organic foods, Processed products, Seafood, Ingredients and chemicals, Spices and enzymes, Grains and pulses, Cereals and flakes, Rice and Beans, Yeast and food chemicals. These foods are being tested in high quality testing labs and are certified by government authorities, measuring equipments and machinery. These are supplied by Processing machinery, Cooking utensils, Serving equipments, Storage containers, Food testing lab equipment, Slaughtering machines and systems, Commercial kitchen equipment and Packaging machinery and supplies.

Halal ME Commencement

Halal ME was basically started on the intention of spotlight on food and beverages.There was held some workshops in second edition, which was named as Kitchen Equipment & Technology Middle East Exhibition.

Third edition of halal ME exhibits its extent by fetching halal pharmaceuticals, halal services, ingredients and finance in its contour.

Fourth edition of Halal comprises of halal cosmetics.

Sharjah Expo Center

Expo center is considered to be the art opportunity that is 15 minutes from Dubai airport and recommend a lot of trade fair opportunities and services. Its basically an exhibition opportunity and an entrance to the entire Middle East and CIS regions and the Subcontinent.

Fore Front of Halal Middle East

OIC which has accomplished few three editions successfully by showing true prospective of the regional halal market, is now again getting same value in the market. UAE is now shifting to declare halal products that are making the show case of the first contact in order to lead in regional and global halal players, which is a first step to enter into the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

OIC fourth edition of Halal ME takes advantage of the fall of the standardization made by halal measures and the pre eminence of the country as an Islamic economic hub, which will promote or act like an entrance to the halal flourishing bazaar.

For more info: 4th OIC Halal Middle East Exhibition Congress 2015

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