Real Estate Investment Show

Real Estate Investment Show

Real Estate Investment Show

Abu Dhabi is going to organize the annual show named as annual International Real Estate and Investment Show 2015, (IREIS 2015). Basic aim behind this show is to intent investors and consumers instead of trade visitors. IREIS provides its consumers with best opportunity for investment and important way to target market trends.

Indication for Consumers

IREIS is the indication for its consumers in order to display real estate options among the major property markets. IREIS main objective is to bring developers, real estate brokers, private and institutional investors from Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific regions together.

IREIS Major Show

IREIS is considered as the major and great show being held in Abu Dhabi for ensuring its consumers the market trends and guarantee its visitors that they will be educated and supported in their investing objectives in this tremendous show that is going to be held this year i-e 2015. This support by the show makes them provoked for the aim to buy.

IREIS Experienced Investors

The show consists of experienced, aspirant and motivated real estate investors across the region. This show provides an opportunity to meet and meet thousands of competent, practiced and aggravated investors.


As IREIS is the major platform for its consumers, providing the best options in real estate sector for the sake of meeting impending investors. It is noted that company must be listed as therwe are suppliers, experts, services and tools that are required to assemble goals which are set for investment. So here are some points that distinguishes the show

  1. This show is important as it keeps record of the thousands of buyers that are in from all over the world.
  2. Guarantee that companies can meet many buyers at the show as much as it is possible for the company.
  3. Show is important basically for those buyers and visitors that are aimed to buy the luxury property.
  4. The show permits companies to discover new inventive ideas that can help in expanding their property in new markets.
  5. IREIS is the unique raised area for spiral business that are related to top executives, regional and international investors, developers, investment promotion authorities and other real estate professionals in order to raise their business a good start and growth to invest properly and develop across emerging markets globally.

Three-Day Exhibition

This show will continue till 3 days and will exhibit a print of international property market as a whole. This show provides you with different investment options ranging is will be covered under one roof with more than 300 projects from 100+ exhibitors.

This show consists of seminars that will be held by qualified, experienced and competent investors, experts and most importantly influential property industry legal advisors. Exhibition objective to train and guide you for flourishing real estate market and facilitate in giving answers to difficult and decisive questions.

Show is designed in a way that it guides and provides sufficient information about the event in an efficient, accurate way for its consumers and investors. Basic purpose of this event is to provide opportunities for the companies to meet together and discuss the ways to meet clients and network with government officials and policy makers that are all around the globe.

Associated Events

Show is associated with several more events that are the part of this show in order to provide more assistance to gather more clients for their real estate property. These events may include International conference, country presentations, business network meetings and investors meeting.

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