Photography Master Classes in Dubai-UAE

Photography Master Classes in Dubai-UAE

It is happening for the first time outside the UK and hence listed among top event in Dubai 2016, the London School of Photography declares three elite Master classes to bizarre and international Dubai.

On the basis of their best advertising LSP Professional Photography Course Programr this is one of an inimitable occasion to study and put into practice with the guidance of specialist coaches who have flown in from London and promote your photography to next new levels.

Overcome the Foundations of Photography to be totally at ease with your camera, sharpen your Travel Photography potential to alter your reminiscences into works of art and find out precious Portrait Photography practices to capture extraordinary images.

Held at the high status Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, this Master class brings you some of the most exceptional sites and captivating views which is going to make your knowledge rich of eternal memories.


Your extraordinary journey of photography begins here.

In this Master class you will learn how to make use of your camera in completely manual exposure mode and expand a profound understanding of the general principles of photography: Focus, Exposure and Composition.

With a good experience and ventures all through the 2 days, by the end of this Master class you will sense tremendously empowered, completely in control of your camera and you will be able to focus the world with brand new eyes.


As a business, Portraiture is certainly the most money making field in photography.
Almost everyone requires it at some point in life, to have an extremely captivating portrait made by a skilled professional.

It is one of the most worthwhile fields as well. Most of us desire, as photographers, to be able to take great portraits of our family and friends, and also to capture remarkable images of people as well as cultures while traveling.
Taking pictures of people can be really challenging even for an experienced and highly skilful photographer.

This very practical Master class and it will help you to take your portraits to the next level, control the flash for the most excellent portrait shot and increase self-assurance as a photographer.

Traveling is the ideal chance to put into practice several fields of Photography. From Landscape to Street Photography and Portraits, new places and cultures are inspiring and captivating and the camera is possibly the best friend we can have when in foreign.

Learn to get the best of the continuously changing light situations sensing comfortable with your tools and convert your travel photographs into stunning memories which you can retain throughout your life.

Find out the secrets of Travel Photography and begin with taking captivating photos that tell your story of your journey.
Set yourself up for accomplishment with tips for travel gear, planning a shot list and overcoming bad weather.

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