Events in Abu Dhabi 2015


Events in Abu Dhabi 2015

United Arab Emirates is a very highly inhabitant country with people from all around the globe living in peace and harmony. United Arab Emirates holds variety of cultures and traditions since the residents belong from different ethnicity, cultures, religious backgrounds and countries.  UAE population according to world backs 2013 report is 9.346 million. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most populated cities in UAE which makes them a hub of entertainment for millions of residents and tourists. Abu Dhabi is capital of United Arab Emirates. The desert state holds great amount of architectural master pieces.

Abu Dhabi is surrounded with desert and can be termed as an oasis surrounded by sand dunes. This is what makes this destination worth a while and the events hub of the country. Emirates Calendar brings out the best events for the public. Whether you are stopping by Abu Dhabi or you are an old resident, you can find events that fit in to your type of personality.  For future events you can go to events section of the website and review the upcoming events list.

Emirates Calendar compromises of a very vast network of journalists, bloggers, media personals which makes our job easy to keep an eye on every small event, within the country. Regardless of your geological location, you can sign up for the events that are occurring throughout the country and plan out your days ahead of the events. Emirates Calendar helps you find the best possible, hotels, activities and dine joints by locations.

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