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Jul 04 2016

Inner Dance – New Moon Self Awakening Journey

Have you ever paused and realised.. ‘I don’t know what can really make me happy’, ‘What am I doing here?’, ‘There must be something deeper that I can explore in my life.’, ‘I’m lost’, ‘Who am I?’. Most of the times, we look outside for help and answers. How often do you go inward to have an honest dialogue with yourself with objectivity and love and be a witness to the stories, old patterns, misguided beliefs and stuck emotions you hold within your body. How often do you access your inner knowing?

Join this unique experience during the New Moon in Cancer- the sign of the waters of life…of our emotional body, of feminine power that nurtures Life and the Soul. Come with an open heart to journey into the remembrance of your true self through heightened inner awareness of body, mind and emotion as Energy.

Inner Dance is not ‘’dance’’ as we typically know but is a transformative self-awakening inward process that expands one’s sense of consciousness. It is a Sound healing journey using music (arranged to shift brainwave states of the mind), inquiry and intuitive touch in a sacred and safe space of trust and allowance. Flordeliza adds her channeled singing and live instruments to the process. Everyone’s experience is different and could be visual, physical, energetic, insightful, chatartic or blissful. It begins with lying down on the mat and the body might remain still the entire process or move and surrender with the energy.

”In total silence, it’s that river that flows from the cosmos and into your heart. It was dancing from the higher self, and I was simply watching it move to the flow of the universe.” Pi Villaraza, founder of Global Inner Dance Movement.

Testimonials of some previous participants:

”I felt every single part of my body, as if it was re-creating itself, as if the parts were regenerating. I felt my birth, the pain of it, but also the sheer joy of a new beginning.” Ajza

“Thank you for being an instrument! The inner dance gave me a clear message. That was exactly what I needed. ” Plhong

”Flore thank you so much. This journey for me is a new beginning, the one i needed for a longtime but probably it was meant to be with you.” Barbara

”This was such an enlightening experience what a journey! thank u once more Flore” Shirina

”I know every time u touched my chest a portal open a linear perl white silver beams of light. Connects me to sky through you . It was incredible. So u r my light portal ” Sara

Your facilitator – Flordeliza Amore Pesigan is a Sound, Dance and Art Alchemist. Her background in Shamanic practices, Sound healing, 5 Elements activation, Movement therapy and Reiki, have culminated and organically led her to the path of Inner Dance practice. She lives and holds healing and transformative creative journeys between Dubai, Bali and India.


175AED per person

Individual sessions also possible until mid-July

Please wear comfortable clothes. If you’re not observing Ramadan fasting, it’s better to eat after the journey.


Jul 04 2016




Urban Tribe, Dubai


05:30 PM

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