Dubai Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Dubai Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Dubai Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Yoga is a hindu spiritual abstinent practice in which breath controls are included, simple thoughts and various body postures are involved for sake of health and relaxation purposes. Various schools, practices and goals exists in Hinduism for yoga. The origin of yoga was basically Indian tradition that was instantiated in fifth and sixth century.

 Why do people do yoga?

When discussing yoga there comes a question that why people do yoga to relax to exercise or for what purpose yoga is practiced. It is noted that 90% of the people do yoqa for the sake of

  1. Physical exercise
  2. Improved health
  3. Stress management

But most of the people think that yoga is practiced for change. One study mentioned that two-thirds and 85% of the teachers perform yoga for changing themselves spiritually or self actualization in order to fulfill their prospective. Yoga involves some body positions and head stands so it is considered that there is some self reflection. Yoga also ensures humanity and sympathy. It is noted that while having yoga, you will have some sense of feeling yourselves and for others. It makes sure that you feel growth for yourself and for others.

If you think that health is very important then there are benefits of it. While having yoga it will increase flexibility and decrease cholesterol in your blood. It has been researched that how yoga leads you to the improved health benefits. Yoga helps in improving health problems like chronic pain, fatigue, obesity, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, and more.

Yoga Therapy

Most of the people think that yoga basic purpose is to exercise and relax you as it includes different body postures that relax person mind and body. So there is some yoga therapy training sessions being held in 2015.

  1. Faster Transformation: The basic purpose of yoga training is aware people and inflates consciousness among each individual to the next level that would help in attaining ones ordinary living standards, so yoga helps in providing transformation to the next level faster. Yoga helps in meeting living standards of the individual.
  2. Self express as a reflection: Self study is the heart of yoga. For this purpose 200-hour training program recommend individual with an option to have a deep commitment for the sake of learning or understanding themselves. Training session offers straightforward and affectionate support to its individuals from start day with full attention. Training programs are the very important shelter to provide engagement in open-minded self-exploration. These trainings are very devoted and offers very friendly atmosphere where there is freedom of expressing self expression, creativity and enthusiasm for life is fully encouraged. In this way one can be easily feel comfortable in understanding themselves. Due to this they will be able to express themselves that what are they?
  3. Break old habits: When yoga is practiced then there is a break in everyday life routine and it pulls you from technology and engaging in healthy activities. This training program will help in to stop the activities that are not related. This is a great environment were old unwanted habits. Unwanted habits will have a break that will let mental pressure go and ego that transform emotional surrender.
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