Dubai Photography Master Classes

Dubai Photography Master Classes

Dubai Photography Master Classes

Before starting to write on this amazing topic we must know about the term what photography is? So let me tell you about this term in detail. Photography is basically an art of using camera in order to display one’s mind thoughts. Photo shoots or images of the photographer tells us that what is photography and in this world it matters a lot Photography is essentially usage of camera as an instrument to explore nature etc. It can be used as instruments for change.

Now a days if we look around then photography is taking the globe in its hands. Every marriage, engagement, birthday or everyday life events are full of photography. Photographers wishes to have the Epic shoot of the scenes happening all around. They shoot in order to tell their skills and proficiency in this field. They consider it as an opportunity for them to explore new things in nature or whatever event they are shooting.

What advice would I give my young photographer self 30+ years ago?

If my young photographer want to have perfect hand on photography then they must know some steps to be a successful photographer whether professionally or personal.

Steps to be a perfect Photographer

  1. Focus on your mindset (Mind is the main part of your body which constitutes what you think positive or negative, so think like right now you are photographer, if you think that this cannot be done by me then it won’t happen ever)
  2. Do not suspend and delay good looking collection of images by other photographers (Do not ignore photographer around who have business, do not think that they have explored more than you, just think that it’s a big business and things can be easily take hold by me) that you see all around, go for it and motivate yourself.
  3. Do not ignore new software’s, technical buttons, features accessories and updates in market, make a note of which software will be best for you and can lead you to the awesome business, performance and quality of the images.

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Camera Controls and Photography Fun

Cameras have some controls that must be learned in order have fun in photography as an art. Being a professional photographer one must have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera and when it is hold first time you might get confuse that what is is how it should be used etc, so here are controls that must be learned:

  • What do all those buttons do?
  • Do you need to use them all?
  • Which ones do you need to use?
  • How do you control the shutter speed?
  • What does the aperture do?
  • How can you learn to combine shutter, aperture and ISO to make the best image possible?

Dubai Photography Master Classes

Dubai is conducting master classes for photography. Basic purpose of these master classes is to learn how to explore camera as an instrument. These master classes consist of full manual on usage of camera with a deep understanding on the principles of photography.

  • London School of Photography Master Class

These master classes are for the entire day. At the end of each class you will have the hand on experience on the usage of the camera. This class ensures that you are fully practiced with camera and are extremely sanctioned. With help these classes world will be perceived with totally new eyes.

This class is going to start from 27th and 28th December 2015 and is charging of US$ 1,195.00

  •  Portrait Photography Master Class

Portraiture is considered as the major part of photography as a business. Everybody wishes to have a beautiful and attractive portrait at some point in life that must be designed by a professional photographer. Most of the people want that they as a photographer can take best portraits of their family, friends and the thriving sceneries that come across them while traveling. For this purpose Dubai has conducted this class in order to capture preeminent portrait snap shots to the next level and obtain confidence to take shoots confidentially.

This class is going to start from 18th and 19th December 2015 and is charging of US$ 1,495.00


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