Chinese Commodities Fair Sharjah

Chinese Commodities Fair Sharjah

Chinese Commodities Fair Sharjah

Fair is being held in Sharjah for the last consective eleven years in December that is named as Chinese Commodities Fair Sharjah. It is basically a disguised fair in china and is well known for its name China Export Commodities in Middle East, which is considered to be the greatest and largest, dominant,valuable and significant, fair in the region since republic of china was founded.
It is noticed that 4000 Chinese companies and 600,000 participants of over 70 countries and regions has been gathered by CCFS from the past 11 years in order to display, communicate, show and trade to buy commodities. Fair is being assisted by total trade volume of US $4.5 billion.

CCFS Assistance for Industrial Agricultural Products:

CCFS has been considered as the assistance for industrial agricultural products since 2012(11th Edition). Chinese agricultural products trading center will be recognized after the fair ends in Middle East.

12th Chinese Commodity:

Its 12th Chinese commodities being held in Sharjah. Chinese agricultural Expo will be managed by Ministry of Commerce of China from December 16 to December 18 2013 in UAE. Serious individuals and business are welcomed in Chinese agricultural expo in order to display their products to our fair.Individuals, exhibitors and visitors from Second OIC Halal Middle East Exhibition and conference are gladly welcomed to the fair.

Agricultural Expo Lead:

Basic advantage of this fair was to create opportunity for clients in order to buy Chinese agricultural products without moving to china with high quality and competitive price. Through promotion and advertisement in China about the UAE and the surrounding countries, the fair helps to shorten the distance between China and UAE and even the of whole Middle East, making more Chinese companies and local governments to know and pay attention to the UAE and Middle East and constructing a cooperation platform for governments, businessmen from UAE and neighboring countries with Chinese agricultural industries. Exhibitors are attracted who generate stupendous products for Chinese agricultural expo for the goal of building good brand image in the Middle East for the assistance to recover methods for structure and local market.

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