Briohny + Dice = Love and Bryce Yoga


According to Briohny, she met her husband Dice in a handstand. She was attending her routine yoga class, upside down in a handstand and all of a sudden things around started looking right side up. Later on with the blossoming of their love which merged in their lives it led to the formation of Bryce Yoga naturally. Embedded in Vinyasa, it flowed with a vision on movement, breathing meditations and inversions. The mission that was set by Bryce Yoga has at all times been there to help escort others deeper into their practice.

Briohny and Dice have been blessed with two kids and a third on the way in the form of a yoga studio, one with a very rich history for the couple. They lately acquired Black Dog Yoga Studio in Los Angeles, which is situated at the memorable place where they both started their professions and where Dice proposed to Briohny on New Year’s Day. They are both looking forward to build their coach training, setting up deeper roots in LA, and spending a little more time at home with their family.

Teacher’s Training:

Bryce Yoga Teacher Training programs are specifically intended for dedicated students of the Yoga practice, hopeful Yoga teachers, and current Yoga teachers with some of experience in the concerned field.

WorkShops to be Held:

Bryce Yoga workshops basically at weekends dive deep into asana and alignment, inversions and arm balances, and the Yoga path and practice.

Online Classes:

Practice along with Bryce Yoga from the device you are using. It could either be computer or a tablet. Online classes are available via YogaGlo, DailyBurn, Yogis Anonymous and cody.

Event in UAE:

Bryce yoga classes this year are going to be held in Dubai.

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