Big Boys Toys Event in Abu Dhabi in November 2015

Big Boys Toys Event in Abu Dhabi in November2015

Big Boys Toys Event in Abu Dhabi in November 2015

Big Boys Toys located at Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street is a name that specializes in bringing the latest available technologies and the high impact unbelievable gadgets and products.  Big Boys Toys have had extremely successful events in preceding years. Display of unusual, high technology gadgets and products will be the major source of entertainment in this event. The show basically compromises of many different things that altogether.

The management at Big Boys Toys strives hard to bring the most advanced gadgets and products that are related to different categories of life. Fast paced vehicles are one of the latest trends and fashion these days. United Arab Emirates is a country with life style. Residents or tourists main source of attraction is super cars. The show will display latest designs and features that are yet to hit market. Technology does not stop here; the need for speed is evident and required in every form of vehicles transportation mode.

At this Big Boys Toys event you can witness the gadgets and products that can be found on curses as well. Big Boys Toys don’t just display the gadgets related to vehicles but there is going to be way more to entertain you. The fashion industry in United Arab Emirates is always on the rise. The fashion is always trendy, changing as per the weather, culture and the geological location. Big Boys Toys presents different variety of footwear, pens and gadgets in fashion industry. 

An exclusive range of wellness products related to health, spas, nutrition, gym, and exercise would be presented for you to choose from. Last but the least would be the digital industry. This section will inspire you to the bones. Digital industry brings latest inventions related to entertainment industry as mobile phones, televisions etc.  Below mentioned are the timings and the address for the show.

Date and Timings:

  • 18th November – Wednesday   –      2pm to 9pm
  • 19th November (Thursday)       –      12pm to 10pm
  • 20th November (Friday)            –      12pm to 10pm
  • 21st November (Saturday)       –       12pm to10pm

 The upcoming event in November is one of the most technological and advanced event. Big Boys Toys is due to rock the floors of Abu Dhabi with the latest products and technologies that are yet to be popular and available for the mankind.  . If you are in United Arab Emirates in the month of November, you should totally go along with Emirates Calendars website to stay updated about the event details happenings and gatherings. To find out more detail about the event you can visit Big Boys Toys website or Facebook page.

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