Al Ain Air Championship 2015

al ain air championship-2015

United Arab Emirates always tend to leave a mark on world in almost all the fields of entertainment. United Arab Emirates is World’s most entertaining country to date. Entertainment industry in United Arab Emirates is very diverse and widespread in to different categories. The events range from cultural to traditional, religious to spiritual and from fun to entertainment. Providing a platform to residents and tourists in United Arab Emirates to have all sorts of fun they deserve.

The year 2015 is going to be finished with exclusive lists of events. Al Ain Air Championship 2015 is going to be one of the greatest air shows or air championship that will rock the skies of Al-Ain. A city that can also be termed as garden city is a perfect place for you and your family to witness the greatest air championship event.

Date for the event: 17th December, 2015 to 19th December, 2015 at Al Ain International Airport.

Al Ain air championship was known as Al Ain Aerobatic show.  This is going to be the eleventh edition of this championship. Past 10 events have been extremely successful that is why the name has been changed to have championship word in the end.  Emirates Calendar has been top of the line event information company in United Arab Emirates. The details of the championship include a completely new format and a whole new set of on ground programs for entertainment of the public.

The championship participants are from all around the world. From veterans to Elite Military personals and civilian flying aces will take part in form of teams to brighten up the sky with their skills. Aviation experts from all around the globe will be participating to witness this extraordinary event.  Celebrity judges will score the teams in to different categories and eventually based upon the total number of points. The points will be calculated via interactive voting system, in which spectators can also vote. Spectator’s involvement makes this event worth watching and attending. The winner will be announced I an unforgettable and mesmerizing closing ceremony. The winner would be crowned with grand champion of 2015’s event.

This event will not just be a straight out competition, in fact there will be many other show items such as parachuting, display of all the new technology aircraft’s available throughout the world.  On ground entertainment claimed by the management is going to be one of its kinds. According to the management’s interview to Emirates Calendar, this event will be remembered throughout the year.

AL AIN AIR CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 is going to be an event for all sorts of people from all the different backgrounds and interests. The stands at the event will hold separate areas for the families and children and separate accommodation for food stalls and all the other display stalls.  The area of the championship village is around 60,000 square meters, which is one of the largest areas to hold the festival at.

This is a perfect event for those who belong from military or air force backgrounds. People, who have not been associated with military or air force, will love the festival to bits because this is going to be an event where you will be introduced with all the latest technologies, runways, aircraft’s and flying related gadgets.

Events dates are 17th, 18th and 19th December. At the end of the competition, every day, the musical entertainment on main stage will rock the whole village and keep you entertained.  During the competition or musical entertainment food stalls from different origins of the world will keep you entertained.

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